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Just wondered whether the club would be selling the game as they did last season. If they do i'll gladly hand over my notes.

Demos out now and Colin Little is on the books

yea they will

*Huge bump*

Hello everyone.

Sports Interactive, the makers of the PC sim game 'Football Manager' (FM), are looking out for an FM fan with a huge passion for and knowledge of Altrincham FC to research their team for the next version of the game, Football Manager 2011.

Would any dedicated and obsessive Altrincham supporter like to help?

A little more info for you: The task involves giving as-accurate-as-possible ratings to every aspect of each player’s game, plus keeping us up to date of all transfers at the club, as well as the financial position.

The work involves three times-yearly thorough working through of the data file, using a downloadable editing package that is simple to use. The first of those three exercises will begin later this month, so we need someone who is eager to start asap.

During the rest of the year, we obviously need to be kept up to date with transfers and contract news, as well as info on the club debts/finances, so that every bit of information that FM uses about Altrincham is as accurate as it can be. That is the task of the researcher to provide the info, and to be up to date with the news at the club.

So, it will be the researcher's call as to how Stuart Coburn's handling, or Kevin Holsgrove's' heading attribute reads in FM 2011. We would prefer the researcher to be a local to the town, to be best positioned to attend as many games as possible and to keep in touch with the club grapevine!

We need to insist that any applicant for the job is available to devote time to the exercise during the next few weeks and also in the summer.

Email me on to discuss this role further, including details of why we should choose you to do the job.

Thanks for reading
Dean Gripton
English Research team, Football Manager
Sports Interactive


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