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Title: More on teenage mortality.
Post by: Hugh on January 20, 2022, 09:02:03 PM
In an open letter from the Health Advisory and Recovery Team (some may say not actual evidence - I think they are reasonable evidence) that gives a good summary of the issues.

https://www.hartgroup.org/open-letter-to-the-mhra-regarding-child-death-data/ (https://www.hartgroup.org/open-letter-to-the-mhra-regarding-child-death-data/)

Unfortunately, all we know is that there has been a significant increase in mortality in young males (aged 15-19). The letter goes through some of the points that need answering and that must be answered to allay concerns about current government health measures. One day, we will have this information and be able to decide if lives have been lost unnecessarily, although of course there are some things that are already fairly well established with regards to younger males. Without the information requested in the letter, it is questionable whether younger males can give properly informed consent.

This page summarises who HART are for those interested:

https://www.hartgroup.org/bios/ (https://www.hartgroup.org/bios/)

I should also say that while some things remain unknow about this worrying rise in mortality among this demographic, it seems all too certain that if current plans to force tens of thousands of "unvaccinated" health workers out of their jobs are followed through, people will die as a result. People who will mostly have natural immunity by now anyway, and are apparently no more likely to test positive for "covid". For me, this is a huge concern in an already short staffed health service.

I emphasise that the calculations will be different for high risk groups (including younger people in at risk groups) and that these emergency use "vaccines" may offer some benefit to them, though it is still worth researching the issue, talking to medical professionals etc. as medication is rarely risk free.